Our journey began in 2008 when our founders Ed and Louise identified the need for an agency focused on solving the most complex UX problems. Whilst working client-side they often found it difficult to engage agencies who could quickly get up to speed with complex business & technology challenges and provide effective evidence-based design solutions to address them.

We meet this need by recruiting only the most senior consultants in the industry. People who relish, and thrive on the challenge of solving formidable UX problems. People who passionately believe in empathising with users as a fundamental way of understanding how to design effective solutions for thorny business problems. Our consultants have worked in the field for an average of 17 years and have vast experience of working on large-scale, complex, and business-critical projects.

We combine the creative thinking of a design agency with the rigour of a research agency. All of our design work is based, not on supposition or assumption, but a deep understanding of how real people engage with a product or service in their own specific context. We start with understanding our clients’ key business issues, be that how to boost sales, increase satisfaction or bring a new product to market. We'll then define and conduct a tailored programme of user insight and research, channelling findings directly into the creation of an elegant solution that effectively connects users directly with the business.

Simply put, we combine insight into human behaviour with innovative thinking and a deep understanding of the business and technical issues to create effective products and services that make a measurable difference to our clients and their customers.


  • CURIOUS: We’re more than a list of people with a mission statement. We’re a group of thought leaders, explorers and inventors who are passionate about what we do and continually ask questions, try new ideas and use different perspectives
  • RIGOROUS: We are rigorous, methodical and efficient in our work, using precisely the right data, research and methods to fit the specific audience and business problem
  • COLLABORATIVE: We work openly and collaboratively with our clients, internal team and customers, sharing concepts early and often, learning from decisions and evaluating impact
  • APPROACHABLE: Above all we're not about egos, we're all leaders in our field and are comfortable in our own abilities. We're plain speaking, not trying to impress you with the latest buzzwords. We take pride in being nice people to do business with