Customer Experience Mapping

Customer experience mapping - UX services

Customer experience maps (often referred to as CX blueprints, or Journey maps) illustrate customers and their relationship with a specific user journey within your product or service.

The UX Agency believe that robust and rigorous customer research is the most important piece in enabling you to understand each of your product or service touchpoints and identify where and opportunities for growth can be uncovered.

Our senior and highly experienced research practitioners approach customer experience mapping by way of a combination of data analysis, qualitative and quantitative research, as well as deep collaboration with your own project team.


Each customer experience map is a conceptual tool that communicates all customer needs, pain points, and opportunities to delight the user at each and every customer touchpoint. Beyond the benchmarking the products or services themselves, mapping also allows you to facilitate design explorations.

CX maps really come into their own when a project team is designing products or services where there are likely to be multiple customer interactions or a wide variety of customer segments and journeys. Here, the CX map will help focus the project team on the needs of such a disparate set of requirements.


Where we believe that The UX Agency really stands out is in our deep knowledge and expertise in the use of a wide range of rigorous and creative customer-centric research techniques. We’re confident that this mix helps uncover the richest insights and helps you achieve your business goals most effectively.

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