The UX Agency is a research-driven team of senior and highly-talented UX practitioners. Our consultants have worked in the field for an average of 17 years and have vast experience of working on large-scale, complex, and business-critical projects.

Using rigorous and creative customer-centric research techniques, we build a deep understanding of your customers and their relationships with you.

We’ve developed several observation-led research techniques to elicit the richest and most valuable insights. We don’t just tell you what we found, we uncover actionable insights that will de-risk your decision-making, help prioritise features and drive strategic product decisions. Our outputs are actionable and tangible; enabling you to move forward, faster.


Managing Partner

With a PhD in Psychology, Louise will use her passion to get under the skin of your customers.
For the last 17 years, Louise has built and led large UX teams for companies including Razorfish, O2, and Betfair. She is a pioneer in her field and frequently speaks at conferences around the world.




Senior Partner

Chris’ innovative and rigorous research approach bring projects to life.

Chris began his career in 2004 improving the Ergonomics of complex systems and services. His diverse experience ranges from leading the Transactional Banking UX team at Deutsche Bank to consulting for Etsy, Paypal, and Xerox.



Managing Partner

With a strategic focus and technical expertise, Ed works closely with you to ensure we exceed your expectations.

Since 1998 Ed has worked both client side and agency side from challenger brands to household names with multi-million pound budgets such as Apple, Innocent and Amazon.




The Team

We’re more than a list of people with a mission statement. We’re a group of thought leaders, explorers and inventors who are passionate about what we do and continually ask questions, try new ideas and use different perspectives.

  • RIGOROUS: We are rigorous, methodical and efficient in our work, using precisely the right data, research and methods to fit the specific audience and business problem
  • COLLABORATIVE: We work openly and collaboratively with our clients, internal team and customers, sharing concepts early and often, learning from decisions and evaluating impact
  • APPROACHABLE: Above all we’re not about egos, we’re all leaders in our field and are comfortable in our own abilities. We’re plain speaking, not trying to impress you with the latest buzzwords. We take pride in being nice people to do business with