Lean UX Design

Lean UX is inspired by Lean and Agile development theories. The key benefit is that it brings our work to light faster, with less emphasis on deliverables and more focus on the actual experience being designed.

Our approach to Lean UX is:

  • Focused on actionable, tangible outcomes
  • Able to uncover user needs & expectations
  • Driven by rapid iteration over up-front perfection
  • Highly effective in getting products to market, quickly
  • Collaborative and therefore mitigates project risk‍

We form a highly-collaborative partnership with you where we offer strategic guidance based on business goals and customer needs then provide implementation solutions to support that strategy. We provide actionable insights that will de-risk your decision-making, help prioritise features and drive strategic product decisions and innovation to drive the disruption of your own industry before it is disrupted from the outside.

Lean UX is a collaborative and iterative way of working . Rather than waiting until a design is “done” and then user testing and handing over to development, Lean UX encourages experimentation and testing during the process, to test  assumptions as early as possible. This means that you can quickly change direction based on user insight.

By starting with a discovery phase then iteratively designing and testing the product or service, we are able to increase speed to market whilst ensuring a best in class user experience.

Discovery Phase

The discovery phase is for the project team to have a clearer understanding of your customer. We leverage your existing insights with our rapid user research approach to create a prioritised action plan, incorporating all the elements required to develop your ideas from which a more strategic view can be formed. Through regular collaboration with your internal teams we ensure everyone had a unified view of the scope, priority and the longer term strategy for roll-out and continuous development.

Design Sprints

Following the discovery research we collaborate intensively throughout agile design sprints. These sprints provide your development teams with the required input to bring these customer-centric product and service propositions to life. We start with sketches and low fidelity wireframes,  prototyping and finally building beautiful, high fidelity designs. We conduct user testing regularly throughout the design process to give you confidence in the designs.

If you’re interested to learn more about how we can support your product or service innovation through rapid UX then get in touch at enquiries@theuxagency.co.uk or call 020 7947 4940.