On-site, embedded UX teams

Whilst other agencies sit apart from their clients, we bring consultants into your organisation because we can be more effective together. It allows us to work collaboratively, giving you better work, faster.

We can quickly mobilise and embed an onsite UX team in a matter of days whilst continuing to provide guidance and objectivity.

Our approach to embedding teams brings you the benefits of super-tight collaboration with the wider experience of an external agency.

We help our clients grow their own capability and acquire a team without the risk, time or exhaustive effort. 

How we work with you

We take the time to understand you and your unique needs and put in place the right UX people and processes for your organisation. Agile and flexible, project by project or permanent members of your team.

Our on-site, embedded UX team capability, closely coupled to a much broader external agency offering, gives you unbiased external viewpoints that adapt to your organisation and become embedded in your teams. We make sure your needs are met: from your customers, your users, your business. We work closely with your product development teams to execute effectively and pragmatically.

They have taught us that Research and Design is a team sport

Alex Cook, Head of Product, NewDay

The advantages of The UX Agency’s approach

Our embedded UX teams approach is:

  • Fast; enabling you to mobilise an embedded on-site team on a project or programme of work within a matter of days.

  • Highly flexible; allowing you to ramp or down resources based on the needs and timelines of your projects.

  • Collaborative with expert external skills; giving you support, guidance and critical objectivity.

  • Low-risk; allowing you to build a superior UX function with a transparent costing structure.

After years of developing UX teams and delivering large-scale projects for organisations of all sizes, we believe that this solution brings you all the benefits of acquiring an external agency or building your own team, but without the risk.

Working with The UX Agency has helped to embed user-centred research and design processes within the business. The process has transformed the product and gained buy-in across the business.

Petra Johnson
UX Architect, WEX


We provide a wide range of UX consultants to meet your needs

  • UX Researchers

    Helping you embed UX research into agile processes, conduct tactical research, work on strategic projects through to advocating UX to the business.

  • UX & Product Designers

    Working with you to deliver everything from user journeys to wireframes and prototypes

  • Visual & UI Designers

    From junior designers and UI designers to creative directors and front-end developers

  • Accessibility Consultants

    Helping you conduct accessibility audits, through to transforming into an inclusive organisation

  • Case Study

    Embedding UX research & design teams

    Providing NewDay with an embedded UX team to help develop new, innovative mobile app propositions.

  • News

    Why do we focus on embedded UX teams?

    Chris McQueen
    Senior Partner

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