R. R. Donnelley

New propositions to drive growth

The Challenge

As a global leader in transactional print, RRD (a Fortune 500 company) were competing in a shrinking market and losing market share to digital disruptors.

When RRD briefed us to turn things around, our approach was to understand the needs and challenges of their strong client-customer base. The collective aim was to identify opportunities for believable new products & services that RRD could deliver for its clients to drive growth.

Key Objectives

The key objectives of the project were to:

  • Identify opportunities to meet changing client needs
  • Develop and test propositions with a wide number of clients
  • Provide clear direction for proposition roll-out

The Solution

Through a combination of client engagement and multidisciplinary team collaboration, we identified over 100 areas of opportunity with the potential to drive the growth that RRD were looking for.

We  identified and prioritised 3 key opportunities. Each was chosen based on feasibility, believability and potential profitability. The opportunities were then formed into  detailed propositions which included a growth and roll-out plan.

By developing RRD’s culture to become more inquisitive and customer-centric we enabled internal teams to refine and roll-out the propositions. We also instilled a ‘customer first’ culture; challenging long-held perceptions of transactional print.

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