eDreams ODIGEO

Exploiting gaps in the offering

The Challenge

eDreams Odigeo are a global online travel company with over 12 million bookings per year. Operating in a fiercely competitive market, where customer experience is a key differentiator and expectations of brands continue to rise.

They wanted to identify and exploit customer opportunities to help them differentiate the end-to-end travel experience across the European market.

Key Objectives

The key objective of our engagement was understand the end to end customer journey:

  • Bring the customer journey to life
  • Understand and prioritise user needs
  • Uncover challenges and painpoints
  • Identify opportunities to provide new, engaging solutions
  • Challenge internal business assumptions

The Solution

We used the combination of a 5 month diary study and an online customer panel to develop deep insights into traveller behaviour throughout the travel journey.

We discovered that customer needs differed from accepted thinking. Customers did not fit into traditional personas and behaved differently depending on their trip.

A wide-range of people from singles and groups to families and couples were engaged throughout multiple inspiration & bookings lifecycles to analyse all potential customer touchpoints and map the customer journeys. From how customers get inspiration to how they can engage most effectively post-travel.

Patterns of behaviour emerged that helped us to uncover unmet needs and identify key opportunities to enhance the customer experience.

We challenged many of eDreams ODIGEO’s long-held assumptions. This reinvigorated the team and highlighted opportunities to develop the strategic direction by directly addressing user needs. Our ongoing work continues to drive decision-making and inform teams to drive maximum value to their customers.

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