Farmers Weekly

Customer journey analysis

The Challenge

Farmers Weekly are the farming industry’s primary source of news, data, insight, knowledge and expertise. They wanted to look at opportunities to develop their offering across different devices by developing their understanding of customer behaviour.

Key Objectives

  • Understand patterns of digital media usage in their user base
  • Understand device usage over time
  • Map the Farmers Weekly end to end user experience

The Solution

We initially conducted a stakeholder workshop to provide business context and identify the core target audience to engage in the study.

A diary study was conducted with 20 farmers to gain longitudinal insights into customer behaviour. Farmers were provided with an online diary in which they tracked all digital media engagement over a 2-week period. User interviews provided deeper insight into specific areas of interest and validated key findings.

A key finding was that the target audience were considerably more engaged with digital media than was anticipated. This provided the confidence and inspiration for exploration of possible opportunities to build digital communities and provide online support to farmers.


The customer journey analysis identified key customer touchpoints to prioritise for developments focussing on deepen customer engagement with the brand.

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