Competitor User Testing


Sainsbury’s wanted to expand their digital offering to include their TU clothing brand. As a top 10 UK clothing retailer by volume and value, it was critical that the digital presence provided a superior experience to delight their customers in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace.


The key objectives of the project were to:

  • Beat key competitors in online sales
  • Do this by gaining a deep understanding of current user behaviours, needs, expectations and challenges
  • Then provide what customers really want
  • To delight customers and create competitive advantage


People, not technology are the most important element of the digital transformation process. With that guiding principle in mind, it was essential that we involved customers throughout the process.

User research enabled us to to understand customers’ motivations and behaviours. Competitor experiences were analysed in order to identify the ideal customer journey. The experience was mapped out across all touchpoints to define and refine a seamless omnichannel experience.

From there, the project moved into an iterative design phase, developing concepts, journeys and prototypes, testing and refining to optimise the experience.

After 12-month pilot, the service has been rolled out across the UK.


The launch exceeded all expectations with an increase in sales and customer satisfaction.

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