Driving international loyalty

The Challenge

Shell wanted to develop deep engagement with drivers by extending their offline loyalty scheme to provide an engaging online solution, while reducing costs and enhancing the customer experience.

Key Objectives

  • Understand customer motivation and challenges across key markets
  • Identify opportunities to enhance the current proposition
  • Help provide an online experience to drive loyalty, reduce costs and increase adoption

The Solution

We started with a ‘deep dive’ discovery phase to evaluate the existing offline experience and understand the business requirements, competitor landscape, and customer behaviour.

We designed and conducted an international user research programme to understand context of use and allow us to map out the entire experience while encompassing cultural differences. This was a complex study, ensuring consistency across countries. The outputs from the research programme fed into an iterative design approach that developed concepts, journeys and prototypes, with continuous testing and refinement throughout.

Direct user involvement helped us to optimise the experience by identifying areas that were not intuitive or did not fit with the workflow or mental model, and providing further inputs for design iterations.


The new experience has underpinned an increase in loyalty scheme take-up and has significantly reduced the sign-up time for new users.

We conduct user testing globally from Africa, Asia and the Middle East to Europe and the Americas. If you are interested to learn more about how we could help you with International User Testing then please get in touch at or call 020 7947 4940.