Increasing user efficiency by 60%

The Challenge

WEX is a leading global provider of corporate payment solutions representing almost eight million cardholders and expanding into growing market sectors such as travel and employee benefits.

During their expansion into the travel industry, WEX struggled to make its complex payments solution intuitive and efficient for both large and small travel agents that are their clients. They needed a highly-skilled UX agency to get to the heart of the process and provide an effective solution that would be easy to use.

Key Objectives

The primary focus for The UX Agency was to reduce complexity and increase control whilst delivering an exceptional experience so that clients could operate efficiently, securely and profitably.

The key objectives of the project were to:

  • Understand the context of use and key user journeys
  • Provide a solution that meets user needs
  • Reduce complexity without reducing functionality

We also needed to ensure that the proposed solution allowed for localization in future.

The Solution

A contextual inquiry enabled us to understand how a range of users would interact with the application. We identified the core functions that agents would interact with regularly and those functions that would be infrequently used. This insight helped us to design user journeys closely tailored to real-world user priorities and needs.

We created low fidelity prototypes and used them to test the proposed experience with agents. Our key findings related to issues around the complex search functionality used by agents to identify payments. We then rapidly iterated the design of the prototype, dynamically incorporating user feedback until we were sure that user issues were eliminated.

The visual design had to feel part of the WEX family, while at the same time evolving their online presence to provide an empowering, dynamic yet focused experience. Creative concepts were tested with users to ensure they reflected the brand values prior to the visual design rollout.

Implementation of the solution we designed led to a reduction in time required to identify and edit payment data of over 60%, and an SUS score of 81.

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