Walgreens Boots Alliance

Delivering MVP to market

The Challenge

Walgreens Boots Alliance are global leaders in pharmacy-led health and wellbeing, with retail brands including Boots and Walgreens. They also operate one of the largest global pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution networks, including Alphega Pharmacy.

The challenge for Alphega Pharmacy was the digital transformation of their network of 6,500 independent pharmacies to enable provision of a selection of digital services for their customers, including click and collect, home delivery and reserve in-store. In addition to broad levels of technical capabilities and facilities, the solution also needed to accommodate the complexities of local legal requirements in the Czech Republic, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Spain, the UK and Turkey.

Key Objectives

Alphega Pharmacy wanted to deliver a minimal viable product (MVP) to the market in the shortest possible timescales, then iteratively develop the solution.

The objectives of the project were to:

  • Build brand awareness of Alphega Pharmacy in the consumer market
  • Increase revenue for the pharmacies and Alphega Pharmacy through ecommerce capabilities
  • Provide added benefits for member pharmacies for being part of the Alphega Pharmacy network
  • Provide a platform to enable future developments for members, such as integration of the loyalty scheme

The Solution

People, not technology are the most important part of the digital transformation process. With that guiding principle in mind, it was essential that the digital transformation process involved not only patients, but also people from across the organisation including senior management, marketing, strategy, technology and operations.

Collaboration was key to ensure that we delivered on patient needs in an achievable and scalable manner. We conducted workshops and meetings in local markets to ensure that legal requirements and market differences were considered. We analysed user needs and mapped out the experience across all customer touchpoints for each locale.

From there, we moved into an iterative design phase, developing concepts, journeys and prototypes, testing and refining to optimise the experience. User insight helped us to identify areas that were not intuitive or did not fit with real-world workflow, with the findings feeding into and driving the iterative design process.

After an initial beta phase, the eCommerce presence in now being rolled out across the pharmacy network, providing independent pharmacists with their own eCommerce store.

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