UX research & design

We blend user insight, business needs and technology advances to spark innovative thinking, identify opportunities and optimise products and services.

How we work

If you don't need an embedded UX team, we also have consultants who can work with you on a project-by-project basis. This may be a for a standalone project or you may find that you do not need full time support. The team will understand your needs and develop an approach that fits with your business and your budget.

UX Research

We understand your needs and objectives and use the most effective techniques to achieve your objectives. We pride ourselves on delivering actionable insights that provide clear direction for you and your projects.

We offer a range of UX research services including:

  • Product / Service Discovery

  • Persona Development

  • Diary Studies

  • User Interviews

  • User Testing

  • Ethnographic Research

UX Design

We work iteratively and collaboratively with you to ensure we deliver on a shared vision. Our agile, sprint-based approach allows us to iteratively design, test and learn. We refine our designs throughout to deliver high-fidelity visual solutions.

Working closely with you throughout the design process using research insights to deliver journeys, concepts and wireframes. From this point we iteratively prototype. Style Guides & Pattern Libraries also help to ensure that your products continue to evolve.

To find out more about how we can help you with your UX Research & Design projects, contact us on 020 7947 4940 or hello@theuxagency.co.uk

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    Embedding UX research & design teams

    Providing NewDay with an embedded UX team to help develop new, innovative mobile app propositions.

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    Why do we focus on embedded UX teams?

    Chris McQueen
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