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Senior User Researcher

Founded in 2008

We are a senior team of strategists, researchers and designers who are all share the same drive to quickly deliver value for you by creating value for your customers. We all share the same values of being curious, rigorous, collaborative and approachable in the way we work.

What we do

We collaborate with you as a trusted partner, understanding your unique needs and delivering the most effective approach to support you

  • Product & service innovation

    We help you keep up with the ever-changing needs, disruptors, and new ways of working. We develop straightforward and tangible strategies that help propel innovation and accelerate transformation.

    Our approach introduces a repeatable, cost effective and low risk process to help teams innovate quickly. Think of it as a user-centred design process on steroids, quickly discovering, defining, designing and testing solutions.

    Working collaboratively with you to co-create products and services that unlock your potential, we help build your understanding of customer and design solutions that truly deliver results.

  • UX research & design

    We combine customer insights, business needs and technology advances to spark innovative thinking, identify opportunities and optimise products and services.

    We understand your needs and objectives and use the most effective techniques to achieve them. We pride ourselves on delivering actionable insights that provide clear direction for you and your projects.

    The teams' extensive experience combined with The UX Agency's approach ensures we can get under the skin of your users and develop compelling solutions that successfully meet your business needs.

  • Accessibility & inclusive design

    We believe that products and services should be accessible for all.

    Our accessible and inclusive design approach enables you to meet industry and government standards.

    We provide services ranging from a one-off accessibility audit to helping you effectively embed accessibility into your product development process.


Who we are

All our UX consultants share these values to help them work effectively

  • Curious

    We’re a team of passionate research and design leaders who continually ask questions, try new ideas and use different perspectives.

  • Rigorous

    All our consultants are rigorous, methodical and efficient in their work, using precisely the right data, research and methods to meet your needs.

  • Collaborative

    We work collaboratively and transparently, sharing concepts early and often, learning from decisions and evaluating impact.

  • Approachable

    We’re not about egos, we’re all leaders in our field and comfortable in our own abilities. We’re plain speaking and are nice people to do business with.

Meet some of the team

Our core team leads a group of UX experts across every field of UX practice, matching the skills your project needs to the best talent in the industry.

  • Dr Louise Croft Baker
    Managing Partner

    With a PhD in Psychology, Louise is passionate about understanding the needs of your business and customers and delivering innovative solutions. She has nearly 20 years experience leading large-scale UX teams both client and agency side. When she's not helping clients develop effective teams, you'll find her sharing her passion and experience at conferences.

    Link to $Dr Louise 's LinkedIn
  • Caleb Tang
    UX Consultant

    A specialist in the crossover of digital user experience and accessibility. Throughout his 15+ year career, Caleb has worked on a wide range of projects from accessibility audits to helping clients embed accessibility and inclusive design into their dna. He has worked on a mix of devices and platforms for clients such as Old Mutual, HSBC, Barclaycard, Royal Mail & Thompson Reuters.

    Link to $Caleb's LinkedIn
  • Photo of Steve Thompson

    Steve Thompson
    Design Director

    Steve is a Design Director with over 20 years of digital agency experience. Focusing on creating brand identities and building great customer experiences for digital products and services. He has a track record in pitching new ideas and delivering business critical solutions. 

  • Alex DeWitt
    UX Lead

    Alex specialises in design research and earned a PhD in usability in 2007. Since then he has used qual and quant methods to empower UX and business stakeholders to uncover deep insights about users and solve their underlying problems. In his spare time Alex can be found in the woods where he teaches bushcraft and outdoor skills.

    Link to $Alex's LinkedIn
  • Tim Houghton
    UX/UI Designer

    Following his degree in design, Tim has worked in a variety of verticals including Healthcare, Finance, Automotive, FMCG and Telecomms as well as with start-ups to help define their product offerings. He has strong problem-solving skills as well as seasoned technical knowledge allowing him to work seamlessly with cross-functional teams.

    Link to $Tim's LinkedIn
  • Mingxi Zhang
    Senior User Researcher

    Mingxi has a keen interest in understanding human behaviour and motivations. She has successfully planned and led research activities to bring insights to the team resulting in improved products and services. Passionate about making an impact and bring value to the business through quality research.

    Link to $Mingxi's LinkedIn
  • Edward Croft Baker
    Managing Partner at The UX Agency

    Ed works closely with clients to to understand requirements and help put the right team in place & ensure clear communications so everyone is aligned on purpose, process & outcomes.

    Since 1998 Ed has worked both client side and agency side from challenger brands to household names with multi-million pound budgets such as Apple, Innocent and Amazon.

    Link to $Edward's LinkedIn
  • Headshot of Chris Bailey wearing a shirt

    Chris Bailey
    Accessibility Consultant

    After completing his PhD in web accessibility, Chris has completed a range of research and accessibility projects for agencies and clients such as Barclays, BT, HSBC, Royal Mail and Vodafone. Currently the President of the UXPA UK, he recently co-authored a book chapter in Web Accessibility entitled 'End User Evaluations'.

    Link to $Chris's LinkedIn
  • Camille Hayes
    Account Manager

    Camille has over 20 years in client facing roles, working closely with clients and UX consultants to deliver successful projects. She has managed a variety of projects in industries ranging from travel to healthcare. She has a deep understanding of the UX processes as well as significant experience managing projects.

  • Photo of Paul Crabtree

    Paul Crabtree
    Technology Consultant

    Paul is a creative technologist / full stack dev / tech architect with 19 years of digital agency experience and a love for creating scaleable bespoke digital experiences with other creative people for interesting clients and startups. 

  • Case Study

    Embedding design innovation

    Transforming the product development process by effectively integrating UX into an agile product team.

  • Opinion

    Integrating UX in your organisation

    Edward Croft Baker
    Managing Partner at The UX Agency