Royal Mail

Making accessibility achievable

The Challenge

The UK Equality Act 2010 requires all digital products to provide equal access to users regardless of disabilities. Royal Mail Group are a founding member of the Business Disability Forum (BDF) and have signed the Accessible Technology Charter. This makes a public commitment to ensure technology is easier for everyone, including those with disabilities.

Royal Mail’s services are used by everyone in the UK every day. This creates a huge social obligation to be accessible to all. Reality didn’t match up to their vision, with an inconsistent approach where accessibility was usually an afterthought on a project, leading to expensive fixes.

Royal Mail required a modern and practical approach to building accessible digital products and services. This included both strategic and tactical accessibility considerations to ensure Royal Mail’s continued commitment to accessibility can be cost effectively embedded into their development process.

Key Objectives

The key objectives of the project were to:

  1. Understand the current state of digital accessibility
  2. Define the future state of accessibility
  3. Devise accessibility vision, framework and processes that drive cost effective adoption


We led Royal Mail through a three-stage process to provide an effective accessibility strategy to embed accessibility and inclusivity across the business.

This first phase focused on understanding the current state of digital accessibility within Royal Mail to ensure that our proposed strategy is fit for purpose and most likely to get buy-in across the relevant stakeholders. This involved defining project goals, exploring the current approach, understanding, and view of accessibility across the business, evaluating any existing policies and securing senior commitment and backing.

The second phase was about defining the short to long term goals of accessibility for Royal Mail. This stage also focused on establishing the team and key points of contact to ensure that an accessibility strategy has the best opportunity for success. We defined accessibility objectives and aligned objectives with management / key stakeholders. We identified tools, processes and development resources to support accessibility goals and initiated accessibility strategy communications.

The final phase of the work delivered the accessibility framework born out of the research.  We defined how to align all existing and future products and services, supported the creation of a policy stating Royal Mail’s commitment to accessibility and are supporting continual knowledge transfer.

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