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Project snapshot

SGK is a leading design-to-print packaging management company, working with the likes of Coca-Cola, Albertsons and Lidl.

Threatened by small and responsive disruptors, we worked iteratively with the team to identify, develop and test opportunities to deliver a more customer-focus product.

SGK were increasingly threatened by small, nimble and responsive disruptors in the design-to-print packaging market. Their SaaS platform had grown organically and involved complex customisation for clients.

Creating a solution to meet their needs

SGK previously developed their platform based on feedback from the customers that shouted the loudest and the product team's insights.

They wanted to ensure they were prioritising the developments that customers really cared about and provide a more intuitive user experience.

Robust ‘brownfield’ discovery

SGK already had a product that was used by companies worldwide. It was important not to simply evaluate incumbent systems and processes: this would lead to nothing more than ‘faster horses’. Instead, we began a robust discovery process to uncover new insights around user and client needs.

The results of our approach for SGK

We worked collaboratively with the team to understand their global customers’ needs. These insights were refined and prioritised to form a product roadmap. The results gave SGK an insight into the challenge ahead, as well as evaluating potential opportunities.

We found new efficiencies and cost savings, embedded a customer-centred process and worked as one team to produce innovative products to drive growth. We supported the development of their tools and client services, and identified additional revenue streams to add value to client relationships.

Agile UX design in practice

We worked iteratively with SGK’s development teams in the US and Germany to deliver components during each design sprint. This involved developing concepts, wireframes, prototypes and user testing. We continued to work with the development team throughout each two-week sprint, iteratively creating and testing designs to evolve the product.

  • Case Study

    Differentiating the travel experience

    Customer journey mapping to prioritise the roadmap based on real customer needs

  • Opinion

    Marketing vs. Product: Working as one

    Caleb Tang
    UX Consultant

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