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Project snapshot

Understanding the needs and attitudes of audiences was key in validating a new business idea, providing evidence of the market, and creating a solution that attracted both shoppers and merchants. From idea to market in less than 6 months.

Coming to The UX Agency with an idea, here’s how we helped Super Payments research and develop their fintech solution.

Shopper rewards and free payments to businesses

Super powers free payments for businesses and rewards shoppers with cashback for online purchases at participating retailers. Founded by the founder of Funding Circle, Samir Desai CBE, Super aims to transform online shopping with a new way to pay and shop that benefits both seller and shopper. To validate the idea, provide evidence of the market, and develop the solutions, Super instructed The UX Agency.

Verifying ideas, developing attractive solutions, and ensuring consistency

With research finding that customers prioritised quality retailers over instant cashback, it became clear there was a need to attract merchants in order to build a large customer base. Drawing sellers and shoppers to the open banking solution would take further research to uncover exactly what people expect of the solution. With a number of work streams and teams on the project, it was important for the design to remain consistent to avoid slowing down the process.

Verifying designs and development

The UX Agency developed three core products for Super, a cashback app, a merchants portal, and a payments flow. We also supported B2B and B2C website development and created a full design system to ensure consistency across teams. Discovery research was a top priority to uncover consumers' expectations of a cashback app and what retailers consider when signing up for a new payment provider.

A proven concept

With detailed research into shoppers' and merchants' attitudes and preferences, designs were validated before building. Streamlined processes between the design and development teams led to the MVP product being launched within four months. The well-researched payment solutions attracted retail giants such as Iceland, Domino’s, and Ocado and secured £22.5 million VC funding.

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