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Project snapshot

WEX is a global provider of corporate payment solutions that struggled to make its complex payments solution intuitive and efficient for travel agents.

Working collaboratively with the team and travel agents we prioritised opportunities and delivered significant improvements and cost savings.

With an annual turnover of >$1.25 billion WEX Inc. is a leading provider of corporate payment solutions. The company provides services in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. They facilitate corporate payments across the fleet, travel and healthcare industries

The client’s situation

During their expansion into the travel industry, WEX were struggling to make their complex payments solution intuitive and efficient for both large and small travel agents to access their systems. They wanted to create an effective and efficient solution that would be easy to use and minimise customer support calls.

WEX had internal UX Designers, however they did not have the experience and bandwidth to deliver this solution alone. They were looking for a partner to work with the internal team to lead the project.

Delivering a solution to meet their needs

We started by understanding the context of use and needs of a range of travel agents. Observing them and probing into their processes enabled us to understand the most effective way to interact with the application. We identified the core functions that agents would interact with regularly and those functions that would be infrequently used. This insight helped us to design user journeys closely tailored to real-world user priorities and needs. We engaged their internal UX Designers through the research process so that they could learn from the experience. Knowledge transfer was a key element to the project and we were keen to upskill the team.

We followed an iterative process incorporating techniques such as jobs to be done and user journeys through to prototyping and visual design. 

Working as a combined team

We embedded our team to work alongside the internal WEX team to ensure that we used all existing knowledge and upskilled the internal team as part of the process . We designed a plan that could be replicated internally and delivered an exemplar project to guide future developments. We embedded UX Designers, UX Researchers and Visual (UI) Designers to drive this process. 

Working as part of an agile cross-functional team, we were able to effectively drive the direction of the product based on user needs. Working closely with the developers, we iterated on the solution to ensure that the final product delivered a game-changing experience that saved time and was easy and effective to use.

We have embedded a process into the business that works effectively with their stage of UX maturity and will continue to guide them to grow and develop.

Dr Louise Croft Baker
Managing Partner, The UX Agency

The benefits of our approach

Using a combination of insight and techniques such as ideation and co-creation, we were able to re-imagine the process to not only increase ease of use, but to increase efficiency of engaging with WEX. We were also able to reduce complexity without reducing functionality and in some cases increasing the level of control. 

Sophisticated search functionality was designed to enable agents to quickly troubleshoot customer queries and rectify in a fraction of the time it previously took. Although a localised solution was not implemented at this stage, we designed the application to allow for a simple rollout.

The process has transformed the product and gained buy-in across the business.

Petra Johnson
UX Lead, WEX

How WEX have changed after working with The UX Agency

Our impact has been seen across the business, helping to embed the customer into the design process to ensure that new solutions deliver on their needs. Working closely with the team to deliver an exemplar project, we have provided the team with the knowledge and tools to make this a repeatable process.

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    Reinforcing the internal UX teams

    Working as one team to gain deeper insights into the end-to-end customer experience

  • Case Study

    Differentiating the travel experience

    Customer journey mapping to prioritise the roadmap based on real customer needs

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