Personas to drive requirements

The Challenge

Flightglobal are the global aviation industry’s primary source of news, data, insight, knowledge and expertise. They have a broad client base, but did not have a detailed understanding of different users’ motivations, needs and challenges.

Key Objecties

  • Understand customer motivations and challenges across key markets
  • Develop personas to represent archetype users
  • Identify opportunities to enhance the current experiences
  • Provide a solid foundation for user-centred product development

The Solution

We started with a ‘deep dive’ discovery phase to share current customer insight. Stakeholder workshops and interviews enabled Flightglobal to share their current perceptions and collaboratively develop sketch personas.

The study engaged a total of 90 respondents, representing all user types from fleet planning and airline marketing to aircraft finance and maintenance. Interviews were conducted with respondents across Europe, the US, Middle East, Asia and Africa. Due to the breadth of different user types, a total of 11 personas were developed to represent the archetype users, made up of 5 primary personas and 6 secondary personas.

The personas help the UX and product team to develop a greater empathy with their clients, understanding their goals, needs, challenges and painpoints. Opportunities to develop and enhance Flightglobal products were also identified during the project. From the insights, we identified potential innovations by creating key workflows and a customer journey map to define the experience across all customer touchpoints.


Building customer empathy allowed Flightglobal to develop their products and services to meet real user needs.

Client Testimonial

The UX Agency played an invaluable role in our product development strategy by helping us to understand our global customers better. Their deliverables included personas, workflows and UX recommendations.

They are extremely professional and flexible in approach, and they developed an excellent knowledge of our market and company. I would highly recommend them!

Jessica, UX Manager

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