Innocent Drinks

Optimising advertising spend

The Challenge

Innocent drinks were spending a considerable budget to advertise on major supermarket sites, but with no analytics or deep understanding of their customers available they were unable to understand the business value and ROI.

Key Objectives

  • Understand customer behaviour on a range of online supermarkets
  • Evaluate the impact of promotions on the propensity to purchase
  • Develop a plan to maximise ROI from online supermarket advertising

The Solution

We proposed, designed and launched a large scale ethnographic study.

Customers across all supermarkets were engaged in a six-week multi-method study. This involved a video diary study where customers recorded each of their shops, in conjunction with interviews and pre/post shop questionnaires.

Reported behaviour was compared with actual behaviour and recall to understand the influence of promotions over time.


The study revealed that the majority of current promotional spend had minimal impact on purchase behaviour. However, our study and analysis exposed new promotional opportunities that were potentially far greater sales drivers.

The study led to a significant increase in online supermarket sales despite a considerable reduction in supermarket advertising spend.

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